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Our iApplicants™ ATS System was designed specifically for employers with 20 to 2000 employees. Although in the past many of these small and mid-sized employers simply relied on paper employment applications and excel spreadsheets to track their hiring process, the current labor market makes this task impossible to do effectively without using an automated, web-based ATS System.

ATS System - Custom Branded Careers Webpage

The iApplicants™ ATS System includes a custom branded careers webpage. our own careers website is included, designed to brand your company and seamlessly linked to your company’s website.

Automatically push Job Postings to Job Boards

iApplicants™ has a fully customizable employment application with no additional charge.

Powerful Tracking with iApplicants ATS System!

iApplicants™ Applicant Tracking System will help track your entire hiring process including powerful hiring metrics and automated compliance reports.
  • Qualify your Candidates
  • Applicant Source Tracking
  • Applicant Status Tracking
  • Applicant Compliance Tracking
  • Automate Your Hiring Assessments

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