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“Efficient” sounds like a great word. But when you’re an HR person wrestling with W-4 forms, battling background checks, and mustering information needed for management reports, the word you’re more likely to use is “help!” That’s where we come in.

Bamboo HR is the online employee records solution designed just for you.
  • Enter employee information once
  • Instantly import new hire data from iApplicants
  • Centralize personnel info and HR docs in a single database
  • Access it from anywhere on the web
  • See reports on-demand with just a few clicks

Less busywork. More access to what you need.

Let’s face it—data entry is not the job requirement you trained for. Yet you probably have to wade through paper files and separate spreadsheets to correlate employee information as it’s needed. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and never-ending. Bamboo HR centralizes your data so you can control, sort, and analyze at any time—and from anywhere.
  • Free yourself from file cabinets and office servers
  • Have instant access to all your data
  • Work from anywhere: branch offices, telecommuting, while traveling, even on the beach (we won’t tell)

Get a better view of your business

Although designed for the human resources department, Bamboo HR benefits every area of company management.
  • Be aware of employee status at all times
  • Anticipate company needs—and foresee problems before they occur
  • Review salary reports, training completions and results, etc.
  • Maximize the company’s workforce
  • Minimize costs associated with expired licenses, training, inefficient use of credentials, etc.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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